Kayak Launch Location


There are four launch sites in this section of Warren, listed from North to South.

Warren Town Boat Landing: (CRMC designation public access) This ramp is located at the end of Wheaton St, next to the north side of the town sewerage treatment plant. The gravel driveway leads behind the treatment facility to a parking and turnaround area adjacent to the Town boat landing. The concrete ramp is in excellent shape, but steep and slippery. There is parking for a dozen cars or so. Overnight parking is not allowed. Users are advised to lock their cars, as there has been thefts reported from cars in the past. There are no sanitary facilities.

Warren Town Beach: (Town Property) Directions from Rt 195, take either Rt 114 (Exit 7) or Rt 136 (Mass. Exit 2) south to Warren. On Main St (RT 114) take any of the side roads to Water St. to find the 2.3-acre town beach on the Warren River. The shoreline has a sandy beach with a seawall and a grassy area with a small playground. A lifeguard is on duty in the summer. Parking is across the street at Burr's Hill Park which has a parking fee of $5/car for non-town residents in the summer season. There are restrooms in the summer season but no other sanitary facilities.

Bridge St. extension: (CRMC designation n/a) This short road has a nice short path to the water and is used by local boaters. The street is one way so it has to be reached from Water St. from the north through the Town Beach area. The sign at the south end of Water St shows one way going east. You are allowed to turn right for the short 200 feet to the end of the road. There is no turnaround, and no parking on the south side of the Bridge St in this section, or on either side of Bridge St going east from Water St. It would be best to unload and park back in Burr's Hill Park. There are no sanitary facilities.

Maple Street extension: (CRMC designation public access) Directions from Rt 114 north or south, take Maple Street to shore of Warren River. A shoreline access sign marks this town right-of-way. This site is adjacent to the East Bay Bicycle Path. Parking is limited to 2 or 3 cars on the shore side of the Bike Path, but roadside parking is allowed up Maple St. There are no sanitary facilities.

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