Kayak Launch Location


Potter Cove/Taylor Point, Jamestown: (CRMC designation n/a, town road) Directions from Rt 138 east or west, exit to Jamestown Village and swing around the rotary to the left, as if going back north, then immediately exit to the right on Freebody Rd. If you see the beach on your right, you have missed Freebody Rd. Note: Some maps list it as Bayview Dr. It is also accessable from Mt Hope Ave across from the golf course, just beyond the rotary. This site provides access to the East Passage on a long narrow beach along Potter Cove. The beach can be reached by stairs descending from the parking lot along the road. Farther back up Bayview Dr. another parking lot has access to Tayler Point which affords a good view of the bay but has no launch area. There are no sanitary facilities at the site but heavy bushes provide discrete privacy.

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