Kayak Launch Location


Weavers Cove Public Boat Launch, Portsmouth: (CRMC designation n/a) Directions f rom Rt 114 north or south, at a stoplight marked by a sigh for the Melville Marina , turn onto Stringham Rd. and continue down the hill toward the shore. Watch for a little tan storage building on your right, and take a hard (almost reversing direction) left. Continue along next to the railroad tracks and cross over the railroad tracks at the sign for the launch site. The site has a hard concrete steep ramp. There is a new gravel path next to the trailer turn-around that leads to a beach for launching kayaks. The ramp tidal section is quite slippery in summer with algae. There is plenty of onsite parking for about 20-30 cars and trailers. There are no sanitary facilities but nearby bushes provide descrete privacy.

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