Kayak Launch Location


Gull Cove (Old Orchard Cove) State Boat Ramp, Portsmouth: (CRMC designation public access, if this is the Anthony St ROW) This site is just west of the Sakonnet Bridge. From the north on Rt 114 over the Mt Hope Bridge, exit at Boyds Lane and go north on Rt 24/138. Exit (just after the Sand and Gravel operation) on to the unmarked dirt road on the right, before you get to Hummock Ave. From Rt 24/138 going south over the Sakonett Bridge, exit at Boyds Lane and reverse direction on Rt 24 to the dirt road. The dirt road leads to a boat ramp with plenty of parking. This somewhat run-down facility is located on a gravel peninsula situated in an enclosed cove off the Sakonnet River. The facility has one single-width concrete slab boat ramp (in need of repair) and an extensive gravel parking area. There are other launching spots along the cobble shoreline of the peninsula. There are no sanitary facilities at the launch but nearby bushes offer some limited privacy. This well-protected cove offers access to both the Sakonnet River and Mount Hope Bay, but be warned that that the tidal currents in the Sakonett River can be swift once leaving the Cove.

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