Kayak Launch Location


Battery Park, Washington St, Newport (CRMC- designated public access) Directions from the Newport Bridge, exit Bridge to business district onto (Rt 238) Farewell St. south. At first light take right onto Zandt St. This will take you to Washington St at the north end of Battery Park. From north on Rt 114 or Rt 138, stay on 138 as going to the Bridge, but get on Rt 238 and do as above. Washington St parallels the waterfront, with many perpendicular streets crossing it and abutting the Bay. All the streets down to the Goat Island causeway are public access. But only some of them have boat launch ramps. Some are used as personal parking lots and some have the appearance of being adopted as private property. The photos below show the respective ones that have ramps. Parking on the street is limited but public during daytime. Restricted parking is limited to residents only from 6pm – 6am, May – Oct. In other words no evening parking during the summer season. Parking can be found off season easily and during the weekday. Weekends is more difficult anywere. The photos start at Battery Park on the north end.

Battery Park has a launch site at the south end of the Park. It a sandy gravel area. As seen there is parking for 3 or 4 cars at the launch ramp. But try not to block others. This ramp is at the end of Pine St. Washington St has room for about 10 cars along the park in this area.

The next launch ramp is at the end of Willow St. This is a paved launch ramp good to low tide. People appear to be able to park on the ramp as long as not blocking the ramp. There is on street parking here also.

The next launch ramp is at the end of Poplar St. This is also good to low tide and parking appears to be allowed on the side of the ramp and on Washington St.

The last street ramp is at the end of Elm St. This is also good at low tide and parking is allowed along the side of the ramp and on Washington St.

The last launch is in the Storer Park at the land end of the Goat Island causeway. There is a nice beach for launching at all but extreme high tide. There is no parking near the beach. The only parking near is on Washington St. along the Park.

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