Kayak Launch Location


Passeonkquis Cove (Gaspee Pt Drive), Warwick: (CRMC listed as abandoned, but listed as State Ramp) Directions from Rt 95 heading south. Use Exit 14 (Rt 37) to get to Rt 1 and head south to Airport Rd (north end of Green Airport) From Rt 95 heading north use Exit 13 (the Airport connector) to get to Rt 1 and head north to Airport Rd. Head east on Airport Rd to Rt 117 and go north to Narragansett Parkway. Turn right on the Parkway and go to where it bends north. Turn onto Gaspee Pt Drive. Follow the narrow residential road to the end. The launch is at the end of the road. with a dirt parking lot on the right which will hold about 10 cars. There no sanitary facilities, but there are bushes for limited discrete privacy.

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