Kayak Launch Location


Fort Getty Park, Jamestown: (Town owned public access. Note this is not a Rhode Island State Park.) Directions from Jamestown Bridge, take North Main Road exit, head south to stoplight, continue thru on Southwest Ave., swing right across to the causeway. If coming from the Newport Bridge, exit to downtown Jamestown and go south on Canonicus Ave (ie the main street thru town) and turn right on to Hamilton Ave. From both directions proceed across causeway on Beavertail Road (just past beach on left) to entrance of Ft Getty. Kayaks can be launched on the beach on the west side of the pier road or on the east side using the concrete boat launch ramp. The left and right photos above show the west and east launch sites. This recreation facility is the site of a World War I and World War II fortifications to guard the entrance to Narragansett Bay. It is popular in the summer for camping, with a total of 100 campsites for trailers (many renting for the whole summer), and 25 for tents. The camp site has bathroom and shower facilities. Ample on-site parking is available. There is a $10 entrance fee in the summer thru Oct.

Fort Getty alternate South launch: An alternate launch is at the beach on the entrance road, just before the picnic shelter before the camping areas. This site is a sandy gravel launch area that has parking for about 6 cars. Additional parking is along the roadway. This site is more protected from northern and eastern winds.

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