Kayak Launch Location


Fort Adams State Park, Newport: ( State Public Launch) Directions from downtown Newport, turn South onto Thames St. (one way), go by Salas' restaurant, then turn RIGHT (west) onto Wellington Ave. At Ft Adams State Park on Harrison Ave., enter the Park. Keep to the right on the entrance road. Note the sign for the Boat Launch. Continue to the waterfront and turn right, just before the beach, proceed on the roadway next to a long white building to the parking and launch area. Note the topo map above reflects a time before the Park was formed and the parking areas were filled with Navy housing. A portion of the new roads are in magenta. The concrete launch site has parking for about a dozen cars and trailers. Additional parking is along the entrance road. There are no sanitary facilities at the ramp. But there is a small path above the launch parking lot, leading to a public restroom beyond a picnic area. The pentagonal brick restroom can be seen on the hill to the right as you drive to the launch.

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