Kayak Launch Location


Colt State Park, Bristol: (CRMC designation State owned) (Note: The location of the red dot is slightly in error on the previous map.) Located off Route 114 and fronting the upper part of Narragansett Bay and Mill Gut Pond and Salt Marsh. The new launch facility (newer than the topo map or aerial photos) has a large parking lot and twin concrete launch pads with a dock between them. The launch site is well marked when entering the Park, and has portable toilets in the parking lot. (They were missing during the week one time. Maintenance?) The lot has parking for mostly trailers but there is space for a dozen cars

This State Park has large expansive lawns gently sloping down toward the Bay. A two-mile promenade along the park's seawall is popular with strollers and joggers. From the promenade and other vantage points, Colt State Park offers sweeping views of the Bay, of Prudence Island to the west, and of Mill Gut Salt Marsh to the east. There is a loop road with numerous pull-offs and picnic areas as well as plenty of room for a wide variety of recreational activities. A passenger ferry runs from the north end of the park to Potter Cove on Prudence Island on weekends during the early summer and daily in midsummer. The Coggeshall Farm Museum is located off the eastern side of the loop road.

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