Kayak Launch Location


Collier Point, Providence: (CRMC status unknown, State Fishing Access) Directions from the north on Rt 95, exit 19, Eddy St. Go right on Eddy St. to the next corner, go right to Allens Ave (Rt 1a) and head south to Henderson St. (At sign for Russian Submarine.) Coming from the south on Rt 95, take Exit 18 (there is no exit 19 from south) and get on Allens Ave. (Rt 1a) and go north to Hendersen St. The launch is at the end of Henderson St. in the same lot as the Russian Submarine Museum. The launch is a large concrete ramp. Parking is available for trailers and cars in a spacious lot seen in the photo above. The site also has a large 2 story covered enclosure for viewing the Bay. There is a portable outhouse in the parking lot.

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