Kayak Launch Location


Broad Street, Jamestown Island: (CRMC designated public access) Directions from either Jamestown or Newport Bridges, take East Shore Rd north to almost the northeast end of Jamestown. Broad Street is one of the side streets to the right. The right-of-way leads to a quiet, rocky beach with a spectacular view of upper Narragansett Bay and entrance to Mount Hope Bay. In the early 1900s this was the location of a steamboat landing for travel between Providence, Jamestown, and Newport. There is marked parking for five, but seven cars will fit in the allocated space. There is an overabundance of No Parking signs on either side of the street all the way back to the main road. The right-of-way is a rocky point, but the beach ot the left of the Public Access is suitable for launching. The woody shoreline is private property but there are no houses in the area.

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