Narragansett Bay West Passage and URI Bay Campus Beach

The most popular kayak launch site on Narragansett Bay, is at the end of South Ferry Rd. The beach (seen at low tide) is unsupervised State property used by many for swimming, fishing and dog walking, and boating. On the left side of the photo, toward the north, is the new Jamestown Bridge. Panning to the right is Dutch Island and the newly restored Dutch Island lighthouse at the far south end. In the background is the Jamestown Island Dutch Harbor. Next south is the Ft. Getty camping ground with all the RV's parked for the summer. In the left foreground is the beach used my many local families and children, as it is free and less crowded on summer days than the regular State Beaches. To the right foreground is the sandy beach used more by the adults and dog walkers. Farther to the south the beach becomes rocky and is used mainly by people fishing. The pier is home port for the URI oceanographic research vessel Endeavor when not at sea. The pier is off limits to the general public. The photograph was taken from the porch of the Mosby Center.>